Civil Air Patrol

2018 Summer Encampment

2018 Summer Encampment


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When: June 24th – 30th, 2018

Check-in between 1000-1200, Graduation at 1300

Where: Fort Knox, KY


Cadet Executive Staff Applications (Cadet Deputy for Operations and Cadet Deputy for Support: 18 April 2018
Cadet Squadron Commander and First Sergeant Applications 25 April 2018
All Cadet Staff Applications 01 May 2018
Senior Member Staff application 01 May 2018
Student Application (RCLS or encampment) 01 June 2018

See Descriptions of Staff Positions below


Cadets who have not previously attended an encampment may apply for Basic Encampment.
Basic Encampment is a requirement in order to achieve the Billy Mitchell Award. The Basic Encampment provides the following:

  • Air Force Fundamentals(Structure & Mission of the USAF, Aerospace Power, Aerospace Heritage)
  • Civil Air Patrol Fundamentals(Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, Cadet Program)
  • Leadership and the Cadet Ethic(Character Development, Physical Fitness, Drill & Ceremonies, Creative Thinking)
  • Aerospace Career Exploration(Career Opportunities, Career Requirements and Counseling).

In addition to the nationally mandated curriculum, the Basic Encampment offers such activities as powered orientation flights,  Leadership Reaction Course, Obstacle Course, and more.
Currently there is bedding for 60 Basic Level Encampment Cadets + Staff with the possibility of adding 30 more beds.

Cadets must achieve the Curry Achievement prior to attending the basic encampment. This must be recorded in e-Services prior to arrival at Encampment. This is NOT a requirement to apply.


Cost will be $100.00 per cadet attending. There is no cost for Senior Members this year. Payment will only be received via unit funds transfer. Cadet provide a check or money order to their unit and the unit commander deposits to the wing. All payments are due no later than June 10th.


Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)

CEAP applications open now for summer encampments.  Applications close 20-30 days before the start of encampment.  Assistance is prioritized by need, first-timer status and date of application, so don’t wait to apply!

The United States Air Force is now providing financial assistance to cadets attending their first encampment. Members in need of this assistance must apply for CEAP online through e-Services ( If approved for CEAP, members must still register for encampment using the CAPF 31 and other directions outlined in this packet. You will find information about the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program in eServices.


Application Procedures

Cadet Staff Application  

Cadets who have completed at least one encampment and will have earned the Wright Brothers Award by 15 May 2018 may apply for encampment staff. IMPORTANT: If you apply for staff as a C/SrA and do not earn your Wright Brothers Award by 15 May 2018 you will be replaced. No exceptions.

Cadets applying for staff must complete the online staff application form. Selected cadets will be notified and instructed to complete the payment.

In State Staff Applicants:  In state members will only need to acquire their Unit Commander signature on the uploaded CAPF 31.

Out of State Staff Applicants: Out-of-state applicants will only need to acquire Unit Commander and Wing Commander’s signature for their uploaded CAPF 31 in the online application system.

Cadet Staff Apply Now Button


Senior Staff Application

Senior members are encouraged to apply for encampment staff. Seniors must complete the online staff application. After selection, seniors will be instructed to provide the additional paperwork required.


Senior Staff Apply Now


Student Application

Cadets registering for their first encampment must apply under this category. Applicants will not complete the online staff application. Successful completion of this form serves as a confirmation of attendance. Cadets must also receive their Curry Award prior to Encampment arrival.

Advanced – This year, we are focusing on Ground Team 3 and Ranger Level 3.


Cadet Apply Now



Application Tips

1. Fill out every spot of the online application. Failure to fill everything out could result YOUR APPLICATION NOT BEING ACCEPTED.

2. Required forms for cadets are: CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161, CAPF 163, CAPF 60-80, DD 1381

3. Required forms for senior members are: CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 17, DD 1381

4. Have your completed and scanned forms prior to starting the application. IF PARENT SIGNATURES ARE NOT FOUND ON CADET APPLICATION, THEN THEIR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

5. Links to the forms

CAPF 31:

CAPF 60-80:

CAPF 160:

CAPF 161:

CAPF 163:

CAPF 17:

DD 1381:

2018 KYWG Summer Encampment Packing List

Cadet Position Descriptions


Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations:

The cadet deputy commander for operations will oversee all line staff for the encampment with the cadet commander as their direct supervisor. The main responsibilities of the cadet deputy commander for operations are planning cadet activities, drafting training plans, and managing the Cadet Squadron Commanders. Preferred grade for this position is C/Maj – C/Lt Col.

Cadet Deputy Commander for Support:

The cadet deputy commander of support will oversee all support staff for the encampment with the cadet commander as their direct supervisor. The main responsibilities of the Cadet Deputy Commander for Support are supervise and coordinate cadet support staff activities, manage the cadet corps’ mission support functions, and managing the officer in charge of support sections. Preferred grade for this position is C/Maj – C/Lt Col.

Cadet Squadron Commander:

The cadet squadron commander is a position that does a lot of the heavy lifting under the direct supervision of the cadet deputy for operations. The main responsibilities of the Cadet Squadron Commander are to regulate flight staff, plan leadership activities, and teach core classes. Preferred grade for this position is C/Capt – C/Maj.

Flight Commander:

The cadet flight commander leads a flight of 8 to 15 cadets.  The flight commander creates the conditions necessary for the flight to succeed, and makes sure that the flight is ready for the training put out by the command staff and Squadron Commander. Preferred grade for this position is C/2d Lt – C/1st Lt.

First Sergeant:

One of the most the most prestigious and challenging position available to a cadet NCO, the cadet first sergeant’s role is a varied one. The cadet first sergeant is expected to be a master trainer, a great motivator, a fair referee, a just disciplinarian, and an aide-de-camp to the Cadet Commander or Squadron Commander. Preferred grade for this position is C/CMSgt.

Flight Sergeant:

The Flight Sergeant is the direct, hands-on leader who helps the flight commander motivate and train the cadets in a flight. On average, flight sergeants will lead 8 to 15 cadets. Flight Sergeants teach in-ranks cadets the basics of cadet life: drill, wear of the uniform, customs and courtesies, and physical fitness.

Although Flight Sergeant is an entry-level leadership position, this cadet needs to be responsible and resourceful enough to take complete charge of the flight in the Flight Commander’s absence.
Preferred grade for this position is C/MSgt – C/CMSgt.


The standardizations and evaluations staff is a team of officers who are directly supervised by the cadet deputy commander for Support or Cadet Commander. It is the responsibility of the STAN/EVAL team to make sure the encampment is keeping up the standard of the cadet commander, verify the encampment if following Civil Air Patrol Regulation, and evaluate the performance of all cadets at the activity.  Preferred grade for this position is C/Capt – C/Lt Col.

Instructor Staff:

Cadet Instructor Staff is a team of cadets that will be directly supervised by the Deputy Commander of Support. The main responsibilities this staff will include providing instruction, assisting instructors in class preparation, collecting class outlines, and surveying the encampment experience. Preferred grade for this position C/MSgt- C/Capt.


One of the most important positions, cadets who are on the safety staff will be assigned to a squadron that they will shadow for the encampment. During the evening cadets on safety staff will give reports to the encampment safety officer on their recommendations to improve encampment safety. The direct supervisor of safety cadets will be the Cadet Deputy of Support or the Encampment Safety Officer. Preferred grade for this position C/MSgt- C/2d Lt.


Cadets on logistics staff will assist with transportation, communications, food preparation, and equipment distribution. The direct supervisor for these cadets will be the Cadet Deputy for Support. Preferred grade for this position is C/SSgt – C/2d Lt.


If cadets promote outside the preferred rank for their position, then they may forfeit the position. (If a cadet who receives a Flight Sergeant position promotes to C/2d Lt, then they will forfeit the position of Flight Sergeant.)

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