Civil Air Patrol

National Character Weekend

November 16th – 18th

Eagle Ridge Retreat Center located near Bowling Green, KY.

Arrival time is between 1700-1900 central time with graduation on Sunday at 1630. Lodging and meals are provided and the cost of these events are only $25.00 per participant ($15.00 for one day class).


National Character Weekend

The Kentucky Wing is hosting a National Character Weekend activity that will serve to motivate cadets to take seriously the issues of character and honor, while recommitting themselves to the drug-free ethic. The news is filled with stories on lapses of moral character. Performance enhancing drugs benching sports stars. Grade inflation and cheating at school. Cheating on tests by USAF nuclear crews. Embezzlement and creative accounting on Wall Street. National Character Day is an opportunity for CAP to showcase our pro-character and anti-drug messages to cadets. The curriculum offers something for everyone – Senior Members, Cadet Officers and NCOs, and brand new Cadets alike. Further, it is hoped that National Character Day will motivate cadets to be the leaders of character needed in the Red Ribbon Leadership Academy. Back by popular demand, Ch (Maj) Ransom Bennett, Group II Chaplain, will be leading the ‘Seven Habits for a Highly Effective Teen’ seminar. POC is the KYWG Drug Demand Reduction Administrator, Maj Angela Felts,  who may be reached at Deputy Commanders for Cadets, Cadet Program Officers and Drug Demand Reduction Officers are encouraged to volunteer for instructor staff.


The Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

The Training Leaders of Cadets – Basic Course is being offered onsite as well. Course materials are online at Participants need to complete two brief webinars via the Learning Management System in eServices before arriving for the in-residence portion. This blended environment allows us to shorten the program to 1-day in-residence, making it easier for members to participate. Squadrons are compliant with CAPR 60-1 if they have at least 2 graduates of TLC (any level, any edition) on their roster. This course will be complete on Saturday afternoon. POC for this training is the Squadron Commander from KY-122, 1stLt Nick Birt who may be reached at with any questions, concerns or wish to volunteer on the instructor staff.


Squadron Leadership. Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

Squadron Leadership. Squadron Leadership School (SLS) provides CAP’s adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP’s national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values, and communications. Case studies, discussion, and group assignments are integral facets of the SLS. This course will be complete Saturday afternoon. POC for this training is the Group II Deputy Commander, Maj Kurt Schmidt who may be reached at with any questions, concerns or wish to volunteer on the instructor staff.


Training Leaders of Cadets – Intermediate Course

Training Leaders of Cadets – Intermediate Course is for graduates of TLC – Basic, incoming Squadron Commanders, Deputy Commanders and Deputy Commanders of Cadets and veteran Cadet Program Officers who desire refresher training. TLC -Intermediate is a requirement to achieve the Master Rating in Cadet Programs. There is no online requirement for this course. This course meets the intent of CAPR 60-1 and the requirements for each unit having 2 graduates of TLC. POC for this training is the Squadron Commander from KY-226, Capt Chris Hosick who may be reached at with any questions, concerns or wish to volunteer on the instructor staff.


Corporate Learners Course (CLC)

Finally, the Corporate Learners Course (CLC) will be offered. CLC discusses the relationship the CAP squadron has with the next major echelon of command — the wing.  Specifically, CLC discusses how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP’s three missions of aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs.  It describes the working relationships wing staff officers have with each other, and their squadron level counterparts. A prerequisite to attend CLC is completion of Squadron Leadership School. POC is the Squadron Commander from KY-223, Capt Patrick Deem who may be reached at with any questions, concerns or wish to volunteer on the instructor staff.


Aerospace Education (AE)

In addition, there will be an Aerospace Education Workshop. This workshop is for newly appointed AEOs as well as seasoned members wanting to share their experiences and see the newest innovations in this program. This workshop will cover the steps in completing the Annual AE Plan of Action as well as AE Activity Reports. The ordering and evaluation of the STEM Kits will be covered as well as several hands-on activities.



Fri, Nov 16th Sat, Nov 17th Sun, Nov 18th
0800-1600 TLC-B 0800-1600 TLC-I
0800-1600 SLS 0800-1600 CLC
1900-2200 NCW 0800- TBD NCW 0800-1630 NCW


Additional Information

Uniform of the Day is ABU’s or BDU’s for Cadets and the ABU’s, BDU’s, CFU’s or CWU for SM’s. Sleeping bags or single sheets (we are staying indoors), personal hygiene kits, personal medication, PT clothing/Tennis Shoes (Cadets required/SM’s encouraged) and shower shoes are required for all participants. Cadets need to fill out a CAPF-31, CAPF-32, CAPF-160, CAPF-161 and CAPF-163 and are due by November the 9th.  SM’s need a CAPF-17 and CAPF-161. TLC –Basic and Intermediate will be conducted at Barren River Baptist Church located at 5630 Barren River Road in Bowling Green. SLS and CLC will be held at Group II Headquarters located at 2325 Airway Court in Bowling Green. The forms are found at These forms and payment (check made out to the Kentucky Wing, Civil Air Patrol) need to be mailed to the undersigned at the following address: SMSgt Cory Felts, 6919 Glen Lily Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101-7858.  If units are paying the registration fees directly, fill out the appropriate KWF-9 and transfer funds to KYWG Cadet Programs.

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